Did you know that surveys have found that around the globe happiness was seen as a greater influence on giving money than wealth? Despite the almost persistent global economic turmoil, the world is giving more. Prosperity and giving do not always go hand in hand and surveys show that one giving is not necessarily linked to wealth and abundance. Nigeria is ranked (3rd) third poorest nation in the world according to the World Bank’s ‘world development indicators’. Despite this fact, it is generally recognized as a **“giving nation”.** In fact, Nigeria was ranked number twenty (20) in the world out of 135 countries according to the ranking of the world giving index carried out by the [Charity Aids Foundation -Wold Giving Index 2013]

How Nigeria ranks in the World Giving Index

The World Giving Index – published by the Charities Aid foundation – used Gallup surveys of 195,000 people in 153 nations, and asked people whether they had given money to charity or volunteered or helped a stranger in a survey carried out in 2011. The results gave an indication of a **”global big society”** with a fifth of the world’s population having volunteered, almost a third of the world’s population had given money to charity, and 45% of the world’s population had been “good Samaritans” and helped a stranger. Nigeria ranked as follows in the following means of giving:


1. **6th** on the global ranking for **likelihood to help strangers**.

2. **5th** on the global ranking for likelihood **to volunteer time**

3. **57th** on the global ranking for likelihood **to donate money** ****to charity.

Add your opinion: Are Nigerians Giving People?

In an independent survey carried out last year, it was concluded that:

1. **75%** of Nigerians agreed that Nigerians are generous people

2. **69%** of Nigerians are likely to donate their money than time

3. **53%** of Nigerians give to both charities and strangers Do you think Nigerians are giving people?

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